Surgical Procedures

to treat obesity.

Specialized bariatric surgery procedures

Surgical options to achieve your goals

Gastric Bypass

This surgery is very popular and effective for the treatment of morbid obesity, it is a mixed type procedure: restrictive and malabsorptive.

The procedure consists in diminishing and restricting the absorption of food by creating a small reservoir at the expense of the smaller curvature of the stomach plus a deviation to the small intestine in Roux-en-Y, thus obtaining an early satiety for the restrictive component plus malabsorption that adds efficiency to the technique.

The Bypass is the standard procedure in obesity surgery with the best long-term results. Dr. Jorge Maytorena has performed this operation for more than 15 years and is often proposed as a first-line treatment for people with a BMI > 45.

Gastric Sleeve

It is a restrictive surgical procedure that is performed by laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery, we call it restrictive because we reduce the size of the stomach by approximately 80%; significantly decreasing the capacity of food ingestion. By removing more than half of the stomach, the patient will experience a feeling of fullness more quickly. Accompanied by an adequate diet, it is estimated that the patient loses around 80% of their excess weight during the following 12 to 18 months.

Mini-gastric bypass

The Mini-Bypass Gastric is a mixed type procedure that combines 2 mechanisms: Restriction (a smaller stomach is created) and Malabsorption (creating a “bridge” between the stomach and the intestine).

Once the smaller stomach is created, the patient only consumes a small amount of food since satiety is favored, and with the “bridge” the food is not absorbed entirety, which causes major weight loss. Mini-gastric bypass is also a procedure with metabolic effect; It causes a beneficial hormonal change that increases the production of other hormones that help stimulate the metabolism.

This procedure has a very high success rate and also a very favorable effect in diabetic patients.

Revision Bariatric Surgery

Revision surgery is performed on patients who have already undergone a form of bariatric surgery, and have either had insufficient weight loss, weight regain or complications related to the initial procedure. Contact the surgeon to discuss the best options.